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Part Time Landlord

Part time landlord

You own one or more properties but it is not your main focus. You have another job, or focus – maybe you are retired and have built up a small portfolio of rental properties.

Like every landlord you want to improve the value of your investment, but day to day management of the property is, frankly, a bit of a pain. It’s not what you want to do in life.

If this is you, we offer the perfect solution. One place to manage all of your properties, including the hassle of finding tenants in the first place. You know you are legally covered, but also that no agent is taking advantage of your focus elsewhere by adding unnecessary management fees or marking up supplier invoices.

We will almost certainly save you money and time, and deal with things when they go wrong.

Case study: here’s what one client, who is a part time landlord, has to say about us. He is a senior professional in the City who has a portfolio of under 10 properties.

“I started with HTC 4 years ago. I used to manage my properties myself.

Once you have experienced managing a property for yourself and having HTC do it at reasonable cost – it is night and day. I have complete comfort and confidence that the asset is looked after, and you are in compliance from a regulatory perspective.

I don’t understand why anyone who could afford to have it doesn’t.

I have rented properties so I know what it’s like to be a tenant. I am happy to spend a bit more money than the minimum – I want them to feel like it’s their home. Then they stay longer, look after the property better – it is a virtuous circle. Otherwise they stay for a year. This represents hassle and cost.

I want them to be happy, but I like a degree of separation between myself and the tenants – it’s a business transaction. This relationship is entirely handled by HTC.

My experience has been very positive. This is one of the few services where you get something that you feel is beneficial for all involved. …I am a strong advocate of theirs.”