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Who You Are

Part time landlord

You own one or more properties but it is not your main focus. You have another job, or focus – maybe you are retired and have built up a small portfolio of rental properties.

Like every landlord you want to improve the value of your investment, but day to day management of the property is, frankly, a bit of a pain. It’s not what you want to do in life.

If this is you, we offer the perfect solution. One place to manage all of your properties, including the hassle of finding tenants in the first place. You know you are legally covered, but also that no agent is taking advantage of your focus elsewhere by adding unnecessary management fees or marking up supplier invoices.

We will almost certainly save you money and time, and deal with things when they go wrong.

Full time landlord

You own a significant portfolio of properties and this is what you do. You are in the property business as an investor.

Do you also choose to be a property manager or is this simply something you see as part of the job? It needn’t be.

You may have a small team of people who manage your properties, or a group of reliable suppliers you call in when needed.

We have landlords like this who trust us with their whole portfolio, and others who have us manage just some of the properties they own.

They may be growing their portfolio but don’t want to take on extra staff; they may have lost a key member of staff and don’t want to replace them; or they may have decided that the most efficient way to run their properties is to have their key staff manage us rather than each individual tenant.

This means there are no gaps in management because someone on your team is away. You or your team deal with one person in our office rather than scores of agents seeking your business. And you know you can be up to date with legislation across all of your properties, reducing risk and allowing you to focus on your investment strategy.

Property fund manager

If you manage a fund that invests in UK property, your role is to spot low risk investments that provide a high return. It is not to be the manager of those assets.

That’s what we do on your behalf.

We provide a highly professional specialist service that you can trust. It means you deal with one company – us – and we then manage all of the agents, tenants and suppliers that will secure your investment and provide you with the necessary returns.

We will keep you informed about everything we are doing, but most importantly regularly report to you all of the financial data of your investments, broken down by individual property so that you know exactly which assets are profitable. This makes it easier for you to report to your own investors and make decisions about which properties to keep and which to sell.

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