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Meet Dione Campbell

Meet Dione Campbell

Property Management is at the heart of everything we do. Dione Campbell, Head of Property Management shares her view on what makes The Happy Tenant’s offering exceptional.

With extensive experience in the industry, having worked in property management for the past 9 years, Dione has been employed in both block management for developers looking after their residential management prior to joining The Happy Tenant Company. One of the longest-serving employees at HTC, being in her role for 4 years, Dione has got to know the bare bones of most properties managed by the firm. 

Dione’s responsibility spans managing the larger clients’ portfolios, ensuring the team of property managers work together to deliver the high service levels, consistency and ambition held by the firm, and dealing with any potential issues raised. She is focused on making sure there is a strict process in place that the team can easily follow, that offers complete assurance to landlords. 

At The Happy Tenant, each property manager is assigned their own properties to look after. This means they really get to know their portfolio and client and this depth of knowledge proves essential in maintaining excellence. We understand the responsibility landlords entrust with us and go above and beyond to ensure the trust is preserved. 

Dione’s view is that good property management comes down to customer service. She always puts the clients’ needs first and ensures the best value is achieved for all. Whilst her role is largely office based, at times she carries out site visits to meet contractors or check works have been completed to an adequate standard. When property issues do arise, communication is key and is immediately made with the landlord raising the issue and offering a solution to rectify the problem. One of the standard procedures in place is to provide clients with two quotes for any necessary works. The team’s vast experience means they will have a good idea of how much a job should be, but by having two contractors quote for each job it encourages competitive costings. One of Dione’s key strengths is pushing back on anything she feels is unfairly charged to her clients – she treats each property as if it were her own. 

Relationship-building is of particular importance to Dione, she thrives on the rapport she has built with her client base. She says ‘I have managed the same properties since starting at The Happy Tenant 4 years ago and during that time have made some great connections. My aim is to keep clients happy with how we are looking after what is often their biggest asset and knowing they trust us. Over the years I have even been invited to clients Christmas parties which shows they really feel I am part of their team’.

This trust is also essential when having to explain to clients maintenance and repair works are necessary at their properties. The client is often hesitant to spend money unless absolutely necessary and Dione has established enough confidence with her landlords that they know she will only recommend works that are vital to ensure happy tenants and required legislation is adhered to. Dione feels The Fit for Habitation Act has positively changed the face of lettings. It improves living conditions and landlords fully support the importance of these regulations.

Part of The Happy Tenant Company’s ethos is that no mark-ups or commissions will be taken from contractors. Complete transparency is offered to further emphasise our commitment to building long-standing relationships with our clients.  Dione praises The Happy Tenant’s clear approach and often has positive feedback that landlords feel the same.