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Meet Chris Stavrou

Meet Chris Stavrou

Chris Stavrou looks after the Agent Marketing at The Happy Tenant, a unique role in place to form and manage relationships with Estate Agents on behalf of our clients.

Landlords often find dealing with estate agents a pain. If a typical property is on with 3 agents, it means they have 3 agents to instruct, negotiate with and chase upon activity. This can be time-consuming and for a busy landlord is an activity often dreaded. To alleviate this burden, The Happy Tenant Company has a specific Agent Marketing department in place, whose role it is to form and manage relationships with Estate Agents on behalf of our clients. This saves our clients precious time and hassle, and means than when their property is up for rent, they can deal with one person who manages the entire lettings process for them.

With a background as Lettings Manager for a range of London Estate Agents, Chris Stavrou heads this department and has the vital expertise needed to build long-standing relationships with agents. He ensures the below-market level rates are negotiated for Happy Tenant clients and agents are working hard to let clients properties. As well as securing fees of between 5% and 8% for lettings, he will not include an agent to the panel unless they agree to drop any renewal fees should the tenancy continue after the initial period. In the medium and long term, this can save clients thousands, ensuring their rental yield is maximised.

Since joining The Happy Tenant Company over 3 years ago, Chris has built up a panel of xxxx agents, carefully selecting only reputable agents with a proven track record in the industry. Chris speaks to them regularly and ensuring they are marketing available properties effectively and landlords properties are left with minimal void periods.

An average property managed by The Happy Tenant Company will be placed with 3 agents (a list of recommended agents will be provided to landlords to choose from) approximately 8 weeks prior to the tenant vacating the property. Once appointed, landlords are given weekly updates on all activity including number of viewings, feedback and any advice on how the property can let quicker if it is sticking. The average period between instruction and letting is 4 weeks, therefore making void periods rare.

At any one time Chris is managing between 25 and 50 properties for clients and alongside managing the relationship itself, once an agent lets a property, all paperwork, from references to tenancies, is handled by The Happy Tenant. This ensures landlords are safeguarded as all documentation is correctly and legally processed, reducing the chance of miscommunication and error as all contractual elements are held by ourselves.

Chris is passionate about his position and draws on his past experience to gain the best results for clients. Chris says ‘Part of what I loved about being a Letting Manager was doing a deal. Whilst my role now is slightly different, I still get the adrenaline rush when an agent lets one of our clients’ properties. Speaking to agents and pushing them is the same as when I had my own team, only now there are xxx of them and in offices all around London’.

A landlord himself, Chris knows first-hand what issues are prevalent for landlords and how best to tackle these. He develops strong relationships with clients and is often their main contact within the company. He keeps in regular contact with landlords, understanding the trepidation felt by a landlord when their property could be vacant and assures them all is being done to avoid the property having a void period.

The team is the conduit between the agent and landlord and has been very well received by clients and agents alike.