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Landlord Testimonial

Landlord Testimonial

By: ‘John Studley’

Date: Jan 04,2018
I am fortunate to have selected the Happy Tenant company to manage my rental property.
The key issue for me was to have all aspects of management dealt with in an appropriate and timely manner. As a result, I could forget about the property, knowing it was being overseen in a comprehensive manner.
The company identifies possible tenants and then obtains references covering past tenancies, financial security and legal government requirements. Recommendations are then made for me to make the final decision.
Agreements and deposits are arranged and inventories undertaken.
If any problems arise in the property, Happy Tenant are informed by the tenant and appropriate action taken.
If there is delayed payment in monthly rental, the tenants are contacted and the situation resolved with no further delay.
Contracts for renewing tenancy are reviewed in a timely manner. If the tenancy is to be continued, rental changes are considered and implemented, along with a new/revised contract.
In essence I am free of any of the above important matters in managing a rental property.
In addition, I have an excellent working relationship with key staff at Happy Tenant, who are always easy to contact and always extremely helpful.
I have no reservations in recommending this company.

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