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How to Conduct Property Viewings

How to Conduct Property Viewings

We live in an age where people want things instantly. Especially in London, where you will find people passive aggressively tutting at the slightest delays of their train or bus. The ability to access any information you want in a matter of seconds with a device that fits in your pocket has certainly furthered this attitude.

Embrace the On Demand Property Viewing

It would be wise for property management companies to embrace this change in people’s way of life. The competition is always increasing and companies offering everything online, including property viewings at a time that suits the customer.

Whilst you may finish work at 5 pm/6 pm, your website is always on. The online forms are ever present there, as is your phone number and email address. This tells the potential customer that you are open 24/7 and that they can contact you whenever they want and expect a swift response.

People are able to watch any film or TV show instantly, listen to any song instantly, buy almost anything and have it delivered to their home the next day. This has taught people that they can have anything on demand, even a property viewing.

It is important to have an accompanied viewing, a property expert there to answer any questions a potential tenant may have. Therefore, property companies need to be prepared to cater to viewings outside of their office hours. Especially as you should consider that most potential tenants will have the same office hours. This could involve hiring staff to work evenings and weekends to ensure all time requests are covered.

This all may seem excessive and like adding more work but ultimately it should lead to a happy tenant.

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