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Rebecca is what some might call an ‘accidental’ Landlord with two properties she owns as a long term investment. She originally bought the first property using an inheritance to live in whilst at university in London and went on to buy a second soon after as purely a rental investment. She now lives and works outside London with her young family.

Rebecca cares about the properties and their being kept in good condition. Whilst she feels she could manage them herself from a maintenance perspective, she doesn’t have the time needed as she works and looks after her family, and is the first to admit she doesn’t have the legal knowledge of ever-changing tenant and housing legislation. She keeps a close eye on her investments and likes to be kept updated on all issues, small and large. The wellbeing of the property is just as important as the rental income to Rebecca.

Cordelia Makowski, Senior Property Manager has looked after Rebecca’s properties since appointing The Happy Tenant Company 4 years ago. Over the years, a strong relationship has formed between the pair, with Cordelia fully understanding the level of involvement and information Rebecca requires to feel secure her properties are in safe hands. Cordelia works closely with the tenants, making sure the property is well-maintained and the rent is being paid as it should be. Both properties have seen the tenants renew, one for an additional year and one for a three year period with rent increases year on year. Rebecca has seen the benefit of this in the overall yield of the properties as letting them through HTC’s panel of agents has secured not only reduced lettings fees but no renewal fees on the extended periods.

By appointing The Happy Tenant Company rather than a traditional agent, Rebecca has saved over £10,000 on her lettings and management fees over the 4 year period.

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