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The Happy Tenant Company

The Happy Tenant Company was founded by a group of experienced landlords who felt the old way of managing their properties needed to be transformed, and realised other landlords would also benefit from a truly professional and specialist service.

This starts with the philosophy that a happy tenant will better look after your investment and so improve long term returns. It hinges on the fact that this is a specialist skill which is our sole focus. It relies on a systematic approach, using the latest technology and a proven management model. And it enables us to leverage the scale of hundreds of landlords to to establish great relationships with agents and suppliers, all in the service of our clients and their tenants.

At the centre of this story is one big idea. Being a property agent is different from being a property manager – finding a tenant is not the same skill as managing one.

Being a property investor is also different from being a manager, and so we enable portfolio landlords to outsource this aspect of their business.

Our service is delivered with honesty, integrity, transparency and enthusiasm.

The result is a hassle-free experience for our landlords, who get superior value, reduced risk and a dedicated property manager providing a truly professional service they can trust.